Overtyped at the type-in

Overtype: (verb) To find a typewritten page after a gathering of typewriter enthusiasts has come and gone, on the floor, under the typewriter, stuck in a notebook. Oftentimes you have no idea who wrote these words- though you can guess.


  1. Great finds. I enjoyed the type-in, hope the rest of your birthday was fun!

  2. this is cool. When I got home from the Snohomish type-in I was wishing I had collected up some of the typed sheets for this kind of thing.

  3. Love this! I know who wrote the third one...have some guesses about the others. Anyone want to 'fess up?

  4. That was a fun time. I hope your birthday was good.

    Peter - I still have all of the remnants in a bag. I should use them for something or give them to you.

    Elizabeth - What are your guesses?

  5. Pink Hermes Rocket? Oh, I think I know who brought that one... no idea on the folks responsible for the typings, but I have an inkling about the poetical-natured ones.

    Happy belated typographical birthday!

  6. Hi Ryan.

    It's Mark from the type-in. I lost your contact card amongst things, but I googled Sebastian Fauntleroy, and look where I am. Please email me as soon as practicable, I have a couple big ideas and lots of questions about typewriters and the like in general. Hit me up on my email.

    knoppy44 [at] gmail.com