Seattle Type-In Returns

Saturday March 19th, Inner Chapters Books, noon.

My poster is almost done, but I wanted to get a quick roll call: do you think you can come? I have the type-in starting at noon because they close at 4 on Saturdays.

February 28, 2011

February 13, 2011

I had a typecast all set, and a scanner all set for me to be able to use, and then the scanner didn't work.

I'm not feeling very much like a typecaster these days, but I can assure you I did type these words on a typewriter too.

Kudos to Justin (Mr. Snohomish Writer) for orchestrating such a wonderful event yesterday at Uppercase Books. I must have typed a sentence on 15 different machines. It was a typewriter buffet, and I had a blast. I also went home with a journal won in the raffle, two books which had been $20 in bookstore cash from winning typing contest #2, and two new typewriters! I didn't expect to leave with any new machines, but I fell in love with Cheryl's Smith-Corona and Peter was so gracious to offer me his Chinese-made Super DeLuxe.

I had no Smith-Corona, and living in a city with a skyscraper named after Mr. Smith (not the one who went to Washington) I felt I needed to have one. The racing stripes on the top are my favourite touch.

and the Super Deluxe (how come so many typewriters have Deluxe in the name anyway?)...

Last night as I was drifting off to sleep, I realized that my head was still spinning at the sound of a dozen people clacking away, dinging at line breaks, and having great conversations. It's a sound I'd like to hear again soon.