A Call to Arms!

I had decided I didn't want to have a "normal" blog, with posts typed out like this, but then easy access to the scanner became quite scarce and I chose to hibernate the blog for a bit.

But, there's a pressing issue! I'm organizing a type-in. Mark your calendars: if you are anywhere near Seattle, we're getting together on Saturday, January 15th at Inner Chapters bookstore & cafe. It's at 419 Fairview Ave N, at Republican Street, in the Cascade neighborhood (it's not called South Lake Union, Paul Allen!). I'm thinking 12:00 noon.

Bring your typewriters. If you don't have a typewriter, but are looking to have some fun with one, come anyway. I know I'm probably going to bring 2 or 3 portables.

Judging by the media coverage of the Philly event, I may need to tip off some reporters at the Seattle Times (two blocks away)!

Hope to see you then!