January 20, 2010


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  1. Since you are "Monsieur Packer," I'm curious if you're familiar with the French term "flâneur"? (flâneur = noun; verb = flâner) It's basically exactly what you're talking about: flâner = to roam, to stroll, to wander on foot, though not necessarily aimlessly because it's far from mindless. So, a flâneur = a person who roams, strolls, etc. It became a type of philosophy, made famous by Charles Baudelaire, who is, hands-down, one of my most favorite French writers/poets ever. Actually, he's probably one of my writers/poets ever, regardless of origin. :)

    Anyway, so yeah, we should definitely be penpals. What do we do?!
    -Lesley (Words and Eggs)